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Introduction To Security Services

Once you start looking into security services in the UK you will find that there are several different types of security to choose from, from monitoring services such as CCTV to personal protection services like hiring a bodyguard.

Unless you have a clear idea of what security services you need, the first service you should opt for is a risk assessment. This is a service offered by many security firms that involves looking at your home, business, or event and providing you with a security assessment which should tell you the areas where you’re at risk and what you should do to reduce the risk.

Most risks fall into one of two categories:
  • Loss Prevention – i.e. tackling burglary, theft and so on; and
  • Risk Management – i.e. balancing risk against a necessary activity.
  • Depending on what your risk assessment shows you may need one or some of the following security services:
  • A security guard – for low level security protection;
  • A bodyguard – for high level security protection;
  • Intrusion detection – such as pressure pads and alarms;
  • Monitoring systems – such as CCTV; and possibly
  • Armoured transport - if you have valuable cargo to transport.

For more information about risk assessments, home security, business security systems and much more why not check out the security services companies working in your area by searching our comprehensive online directory.

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